Adélia Clavien

Adélia Clavien was born in Portugal and has lived in Trélex, Switzerland, since 1981.
Although she spent a lot of time in the artistic community of Valais, she took her first painting courses and started photographing in St Gall, where she lived for 10 years. Curious and passionate, Adélia has been fascinated by Arts since she was young and has worked in the IT sector for over 20 years.
As an artist, she works in a self-taught and passionate way. She explores various painting techniques (acrylic, charcoal, sand, stained glass, etc.) and uses her knowledge of photography to create original paintings mixed with photography - New Pop Realism. The various themes presented allow us to escape to a colorful and mysterious universe - the universe of Adélia.


Adelia Clavien



facebook e instagram: Adelia.Clavien

Mixmedia technique : overlaying images (up to 20 or more) digitally worked and then printed on canvas, painted with various types of techniques (sand, mortar, acrylic, resin, etc.).


All works are unique and even if reproduced they all have their own certificate of authenticity.

The paintings can be ordered in different formats (20cm x 20cm, 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm, 40cm x 60cm, 60cm x 60cm, 80cm x 60cm, 80cm x 80cm, 75cm x 100cm, 120cm x 80cm, etc.). Price and formats on request.

It is also possible to place a personalized order, either from your favorite artist or personal.

After ordering, the work may take about a month to be delivered.

If you want to obtain more detailed information or purchase any work from the art exhibition, you should contact the artist directly.

All images on this page are the property of their respective authors, copies, alterations or reproductions are not allowed.

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